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An Impassioned Writer

Based in Bolton, Northwest England, Robert has written professionally since 2008. His novels and short stories have been published across multiple genres, but science fiction, more than any other, is in his DNA. Recurrent themes in his fiction include survival in alien environments, rebellious characters, and redemption against all the odds. His characters don't have it easy, but they do have some amazing tales to tell.

In his spare time he hikes, cycles, or kayaks whenever the weather permits. Vintage science fiction and adventure novels dominate his bookshelves, as well as historical fiction (he's a big Patrick O'Brian fan!) and non-fiction history. Likewise, the majority of films in his collection tend to take place in the past or the future.

His books have been nominated for several awards, and in 2011 he won the EPIC Award for Best Historical Fiction.

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EPIC Award Winner 2011

Best Historical Fiction

Sunset on Ramree


ARIANA Award Winner 2015

Best Science Fiction

Alien Safari


EPIC Award Finalist 2015

Best Science Fiction

Alien Safari

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