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Alien Safari: Genesis

Alien Safari Series #5

Stay inside the vehicles at all times. Alien wildlife may be dangerous.

With Alien Safari’s reputation in tatters after the tenax disaster, Jan invites a select group of influential journalists to experience Hesperidia for themselves, hoping their reports will sway public opinion back in her favor. In partnership with Detective Vaughn, now the operation’s permanent Security Chief, she launches an all-or-nothing intercontinental tour, incorporating the thrilling highlights of all the previous tours. It’s the most important week of her career. Either Alien Safari fires on all cylinders or mankind’s future on Hesperidia is in jeopardy.

But while the VIPs are dazzled by the spectacular array of creatures and locations, Vaughn starts to suspect a link between several unusual incidents. It points to someone on the tour not being who they claim to be. And with the safari about to cross a region fraught with warning signs, he has a hunch that something catastrophic may be brewing.

Nothing could have prepared them for what they discover deep in the oldest ecosystem of the galaxy’s wildest planet.

Release Date: Nov 7, 2023

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