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Wild Horizon

Beyond Limits #1

When a series of late-winter storms hits the annual Iditarod sled dog race in Alaska, bush pilot Ben Helm gambles on a break in the weather to fly two dropped dogs and two race personnel to the checkpoint at Unalakleet. But the conditions worsen, and a catastrophic mid-flight accident forces Ben to ditch on the landfast ice somewhere in the Bering Sea.

Stranded, with no communications and only limited supplies, the three survivors, with their two canine companions, must try to ride out the storms and stay alive long enough for a rescue party to find them. Katja, a young, sick trainee vet from Norway, and Obie, an optimistic race judge, come to rely on Ben’s survival grit and knowhow. Despite a personal childhood tragedy, he’s never forgotten the vital lessons his mother taught him.

But the frozen wild is an unforgiving place. A series of fateful events, encounters and opportunities forces the survivors to repeatedly take all-or-nothing risks to reach civilization. A lost musher and her team provide much-needed dog power, but no bearings. Meanwhile, a lone hunter who comes to their aid might not be who he says he is. And with seemingly no end to the tundra, the wild horizon dares man and dog alike to dig deep in order to survive the trek of their lives.



"I adored this book. It kept me on the edge of my seat until I reached the last page. Not only does the author have his characters battling the harsh conditions but he throws in a mystery to heighten the excitement.
It is well written. The pacing is excellent and it is one of the best action-adventure novels I have read in a long time. Five stars all the way." -
Thriller author Amanda Sheridan

"This survival adventure is so well written I felt I was with Ben and co experiencing their ordeal rather than reading about it." - Iseult Murphy (author)

"This was the first story I’ve read by Mr. Appleton and I thoroughly enjoyed his writing style, dialogue, and the action pieces he delivered in Wild Horizon." - Goodreads Review

"I highly recommend this story to any reader who enjoys adventure and suspense, and I would definitely read this author's work again." - Suspense writer Kelly Miller

I thoroughly enjoyed Wild Horizon from cover to cover. The non-stop action was terrific, all the wild fallouts of living and travelling in the state of Alaska, and plus a writing style that was top of the line. - Amazon Review

"The world of sled dog racing in the Alaskan mountains is a subject I have never heard of before, but it is steeped in culture and tradition and all the technical terms are laid out in a wonderful way that allows the reader to really engage with the story." - Goodreads Review

I loved this book. I've always enjoyed survival stories, and a fan of the Iditarod. Will be looking for more of this type! - Amazon Review

This is an action-packed, feel-good story that made me want to read more by this author. - Goodreads Review

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