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Beyond war. Beyond love. Into legend.


Armed with a fabled combat suit left to her by a dying warrior race, Gabby Rojas enters the deadliest standoff of the war as a rogue sniper with one goal: to keep her husband alive at all costs. Dalton is a high school teacher, not a soldier, but he’s volunteered to fight for the good of the colonies, against her advice. Gabby, on the other hand, is a black-ops prodigy who turned her back on the military years ago. The consequences of re-entering the fray alone like this, wielding the power of her extraordinary armoured suit, could tip the balance of power in the galaxy.


To reach her full potential, she must bond with the suit over six gruelling stages. She doesn’t know what form they will take, only that the final bonding is permanent, and any changes made to her will be irreversible. Can she see Dalton safely off Orontes before the final transformation? Stealth is her ally, but it’s tough to stay inconspicuous when you’re taking tactical combat to the next level. No human has seen anything like the things she can do, and word of her exploits soon spreads across the colonies, attracting the attention of powerful enemies, including her old alien nemeses, the Finaglers.


As the stakes rise, Gabby’s loyalties and fighting skills are tested to their limits. But through it all, the love of her life only seems to make her stronger. That, in turn, stirs ancient forces inside the biotech suit, making it far more powerful, and potentially more dangerous, than she could ever have imagined.

Release Date: Nov 17, 2020

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"I found this to be an engrossing and at times, really poignant story of love, loss and hard decisions made in the heat of battle. Oh, and some really nasty aliens! The ending wasn't what I was expecting, but it did work. Recommended for fans of character-led military sci fi adventure." -- SJ Higbee, author of the 'Sunblinded' series

"Overall, this was an action-packed, compelling and entertaining novel with love and a fight over natural resources at its core. I highly recommend this to those that enjoy action-packed science fiction stories." -- PamG, Goodreads

"The story went places I did not expect. The action was exciting and tense. The love story was heartwarming without being too sweet or feeling shoehorned in. The end is great for a stand-alone and was not what I expected. I loved it." -- Cheryl, Netgalley

 "Works as adventure, pulp, sci-fi and romance. And its been a while since I've read something that does all of that without pretension." -- Peter, Goodreads

"The description of this book hints at the creativity and propelling story within. As a science fiction enthusiast, I was not disappointed and found much to enjoy in this book." -- Dr J Reads

"I really enjoyed going on this journey and I look forward to more from the author." -- Kay, Netgalley 

"Angel Six Echo is one of the most original science fiction stand alone books I've read in quite some time." -- Amy, Goodreads

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