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Wild Descent

Beyond Limits #2

Disaster strikes Flight 114 out of Lhasa, Tibet when the cabin depressurizes in a severe storm over the Himalayas, and the co-pilot is forced to make an emergency crash-landing at high altitude. With limited supplies and no radio communications, the survivors are faced with a life-or-death decision: stay with the plane and await an unlikely rescue, or attempt a perilous descent while they still have enough strength?

For flight attendant Beth Agnew, the choice is even harder. Her paraplegic sister, Mina, is on board. Beth blames herself for the accident that crippled Mina years ago, and has vowed never to leave her side. In the thin air, it would be impossible to carry anyone down a mountain anyway. But two amateur American climbers hatch a daring plan: if they can find their gear that spilled during the crash, they might be able to take half the survivors with them for an all-or-nothing descent beneath the clouds.

Stay or go? As the group splits, leaders emerge and alliances form, and each of them must face their worst fears. For those attempting the climb, a gauntlet of hidden dangers awaits, including maze-like glaciers, avalanches, high-wire traverses in gale-force winds, and the deadliest obstacle of all: a treacherous icefall. It’s survival beyond the limits in the wildest descent on Earth—an emotional odyssey of courage, endurance, and devotion.

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