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Explore. Protect. Survive

When Jan has to leave Hesperidia for the first time in decades to attend a crucial summit, she’s forced to abandon the search for a missing keystone creature, the majestic cor’arkhis. Countless species in its secluded ecosystem depend on that apex animal for survival. Its absence poses a troubling mystery that could have profound consequences for wildlife in the region.

So she recruits her lawman partner, Vaughn, to take up the search in her stead. He’s eager to impress her in his new role as Alien Safari’s Security Chief. Combining his own detective expertise with what Jan has taught him about the plants and creatures of this strange world, he pieces together the puzzle of what happened. But as he delves ever deeper into the mystery, he makes a startling discovery out in the desert. One that places him and Stopper, his loyal canine companion, in mortal danger at every turn.

The evolutionary wiles of two worlds collide in this breakneck adventure novella science fiction fans won’t want to miss.

Alien Safari Series #4

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