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Alien Safari Book 3 - Cover Reveal and Details

Probably the best validation of an author’s work is when readers tell him they want more. I never had a master plan for the Alien Safari universe. Book 1 was written as a standalone, but with plenty of scope for further adventures. What convinced me to write the sequel, White Water, was readers’ enthusiastic feedback. Enough of you told me you wanted the safaris to continue that the world of Hesperidia seemed to take on a life of its own. And it happened again when Book 2 came out. Something about that world and those characters continues to enthral readers looking for sci-fi adventure escapism.

To further explore Hesperidia’s inexhaustible variety, Book 3 visits a new environment – the frozen north. Here’s the first reveal of the cover and blurb for Alien Safari: Apex

New species. Old wounds. A fight for supremacy on the galaxy’s wildest planet.

When Hesperidia’s satellite defence system suffers a catastrophic failure, the meteor shower it was supposed to repel rains down over the terrified tourists on safari. Three large surface impacts trigger a crisis intervention from the colonial authorities. It results in the removal of the current governor, and auditions for a successor are soon underway. Jan, Alien Safari’s pre-eminent ranger-scientist, finds herself in competition with a formidable new male colleague, who’ll stop at nothing to win the top job.

Their assignment leads them to the frozen north, where the discovery of a deadly new species near one of the impact craters imperils not just the safari tours, but potentially all life on the continent as well. An expedition to capture the creature tests Jan’s survival resources to their limits, and provides a shocking reminder that mankind, for all its technological prowess, can’t hold a candle to the savage ingenuity of alien nature.

Meanwhile, Detective Vaughn, struggling to reintegrate after his absence, must face his tragic past head on when he learns that his niece has been targeted for assassination. To keep her safe, he brings her to an island haven on Hesperidia. But the timing of his return couldn’t be worse. A perfect storm of incident, treachery and planet-shaking events endangers the very future of human existence on this miraculous alien world.

June 22, 2021 is the official release date, and it’s up for pre-order now on Kindle!

In other news, my narrator finalized production of the Alien Safari audiobook this week, and it’s stellar. His name is B.C. Archer (visit his website here), and I couldn’t imagine a more professional, enthusiastic and downright talented voice artist. His deep Midwestern tones are perfect for Detective Vaughn, but the best surprise, for me, was how well he brought Jan to life – her Spanish accent and lively personality make her the most endearing character to listen to. It was surreal, at first, to hear someone else read the words I’ve spent so long with in my own head. But it turned out to be a hugely gratifying experience. I see it as an “adaptation” of my work; much like each and every reader interprets the stories they read through their own personalities and emotions, B.C. Archer has invigorated Alien Safari with his uniquely dynamic narration.

As soon as Audible has completed its final QC, they’ll begin the marketing. If all goes well, it should be available to buy in a matter of weeks. As part of the release package, I get a number of promotional codes for a free download of the finished audiobook. If anyone would like one, please email me at I’ll dole them out on a first come first served basis, with a polite reminder that, being new to the audiobook market, Alien Safari will need all the reviews it can get!

I’ll include a five-minute audio sample next time. Until then, stay safe and happy reading/listening. And as ever for the safari tours: Warning! Wildlife may be dangerous. Proceed beyond this point at your own risk.


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