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New Release: Star Bound

Star Bound is out now on all ebook platforms, and will shortly be available in paperback (Amazon gave it the green light today). Exciting times!

For those who have yet to join Jim and Sergei on their adventures, here are a few snippets from reader reviews for Book 1, Star Binder:

"Star Binder by Robert Appleton is an outstanding work of young adult science fiction. The writing style is smooth as silk and perfectly seamless. Caught in an unbelievable adventure, sailing into the dark sea of the unknown, Jim and Sergei are the contemporary sci-fi version of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. Robert Appleton is a talented storyteller; he says he is inspired by the night sky. By all means, keep looking up into darkness and lighting up our world with your imagination."

"Appleton pushes the boundaries of the imagination with emotional stakes and a heroic quest in this must-read novel!"

"Set on Mars, Star Binder by Robert Appleton is an exciting story that combines elements of sci-fi with adventure, and sends readers on a rollicking ride across the galaxy... Appleton establishes himself as a great storyteller, and readers will love his memorable characters."

"Star Binder by Robert Appleton is exactly the kind of science fiction novel I am into these days, and it is great... Lately I have searched for books concerned with how life in the near future will look as we branch out and settle our solar system... Star Binder is one of the best examples I have read of this particular type of science fiction."

"Star Binder by Robert Appleton is a book I'll most certainly be recommending."

"Great story in a fantastic setting - from the colony on Mars to the galaxy. And of course there are strange aliens, both benign and evil."

“Too good to put down.”


“Grabs your attention from the beginning and keeps it throughout.”

“A wonderful sci-fi story.”

“This is ridiculously good. I might have found another favorite author.”

“Original and creative! A joy to read.”

“Wow this is a great read!”

“Best book I've read in a VERY long time!”

“Incredible. I read about 200 novels per year. This one is truly special.”

Here are the links for Star Bound:

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