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Alien Safari - The Audible Experience

I'm thrilled to announce Alien Safari Book 1 is now available to purchase on the Audible website! The whole process was much quicker and smoother than I anticipated - most of the credit for that has to go to my superb producer/narrator, B.C. Archer, who frankly made it all look easy (though it's anything but). For those new to audiobooks, be sure to check out his 5-minute audio sample here. It's from the first chapter, and is a good showcase for his voice acting and storytelling style. You can also visit his website here, for a longer sample of Alien Safari and introductions to his other work.

Seatbelts magno-fastened? Okay...

Close your eyes...

Fire up your imagination...

Hold on tight...

Let B.C. Archer and I guide you on the adventure of a lifetime to the galaxy’s wildest planet:

Available now for space tourists based in the US and UK:



FREE download codes available upon request (limited number for both territories). Send an email to with 'Alien Safari ACX code request' as the headline, and let me know whether you're in the US or UK. I'll dole them out on a first come, first served basis. Please consider posting a review on the Audible and Amazon websites when you're done. Much appreciated.

Other than that, enjoy the safaris in this new dimension. There's plenty more to come.

And as ever, Warning! Wildlife may be dangerous. Proceed beyond this point at your own risk.

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