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Launch Month, Incoming, and Lock 'n' Load!

Well, launch month was a stellar success! Angel Six Echo reached bestseller lists on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and is still selling steadily on Kindle. Reviews, too, continue to be positive. For a standalone title without much social media promotion, it’s a big win. Thanks to all my readers, dedicated and new alike, for venturing “beyond war, beyond love, into legend” with Gabby and Dalton.

Quite a few of you have remarked on how poignant the story is at times for such an action-packed journey, and that’s exactly the reaction I was hoping for. Couldn’t be happier. Here’s how I described it in a recent interview for Dr J Reads:

“It’s a story that’s been with me for years, but I’m glad I didn’t write it when I first started out – it needed a slightly wiser, more mature voice. I could write action back then, but Angel Six Echo is about much more than space tech and alien warfare. Gabby’s singlemindedness has consequences, not just for her but for the entire war. So while she’s fighting for love, and we’re rooting for her every step of the way, it’s also an incredibly reckless thing she’s done. Is it right? Would you do it to save a loved one if you had Gabby’s skills and a killer combat suit? I love those sorts of questions, and the book is rooted in dilemmas that sprout from the mine-strewn ground where love meets war. It’s also a lot of fun, and doesn’t necessarily go where you expect it to.”

In other news, I now have the rights back to all my Carina Press books, so I’m going to re-issue several of them over the course of 2021. The first, and one of my personal favourites, will be Pyro Canyon, set for release on Feb 2, 2021. Check out the brand new cover art and description below:

The war of the border worlds is about to re-ignite. And it's Corporal Gus Trillion's job at the Propaganda Office to drum up recruits. But the people of the inner colonies have heard one too many false alarms. Disabled in battle and on the verge of burnout, Gus shares their indifference--until his reporter friend Lyssa Baltacha stumbles upon top secret satellite footage indicating that the treacherous Sheikers are planning an invasion on a scale never imagined. Now Gus and Lyssa must find a way to galvanize humanity to rise up against the enemy--before it's too late...

Their plan hinges on the recruitment of two legendary fighter aces, "Cardie" and "Brink", to lead the counter-attack. But those heroes of Fifth Wing Squadron retired long ago, in their prime, and they've never told anyone why. It's a riddle Gus and Lyssa must solve if their plan has any hope of success. A highly classified riddle. The riddle of Pyro Canyon.

Lock ’n load for one last thrilling, emotional flight to interstellar war and redemption.

It’s up now for pre-order on Amazon Kindle, Nook, Apple Books and Kobo.

And I’m pleased to reveal new covers for two existing sci-fi books, Star Binder and Borderline. If you’ve yet to try these action-packed adventures, both are available now on Kindle.

Until next time, stay safe, and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year!


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