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Star Binder Sequel Update

Finished writing the sequel to Star Binder yesterday. It clocked in at a mammoth 120k, slightly longer than book one. I celebrated like Rocky after he sprints up the steps, then I pigged out on a 12" pizza loaded with all the toppings.

Haven't set a release date yet - the editing will take a while on this one - but it should be out before the end of the year. I'm going to be cagey about the plot so as to not give away the surprises, but I will say that Jim, Sergei and co. get to delve deep into the mysteries of their discovery. It's a sci-fi odyssey that explores the origins of the Star Binder itself, and is chock full of perils, problem-solving, and deep-space revelations.

Quite a few readers have written to say how much they've enjoyed spending time with these characters. That's always great to hear, and it's a pleasure to be able to share their further adventures. Star Binder really took off this past year - it has the most page reads of any of my books on Kindle Unlimited. So a huge thank you to everyone for reading, and especially to those who've left a review.

It's very much appreciated.


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